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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get the Scissors!

Quick!  Get the scissors!  We all need to cut redundant words from our writing and speaking.

Redundancy is unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas.  It's the use of too many words.  Do you really need to say "a bouquet of flowers"?  No.  A bouquet by definition is a bunch of flowers.  Do you need to write "circled around"?  No.  A ship can circle an iceberg.

Like many of us, do you use any of the following phrases?  If so, you can eliminate redundancy and tighten up your writing by keeping these in mind.

(absolutely) essential
(advance) planning or (advance) warning
(added) bonus
(armed) gunman

bald (-headed)
best (ever)
blend (together)

cold (temperature)
(completely) destroyed
(current) trend

each (and every)
(end) result
enter (in)
evolve (over time)
exact (same)

(fellow) classmates
few (in number)
first (of all)
(free) gift

gather (together)
(general) public
green (in color)

heat (up)
hurry (up)

indicted (on a charge)

join (together)

kneel (down)

lag (behind)
later (time)
(little) baby
look (ahead) to the future

*Find Part II on tomorrow's blog

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