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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here's Your Sign!

Here's your sign!  I always pay attention to signs as I drive.  This morning as I drove along one of the main thoroughfares in town, I saw the following sign posted outside a well-known local business:  "We start fresh everyday."  Is this sign grammatically correct?

If you answered "yes," you're incorrect.  The sign should say, "We start fresh every day."

"Every day" means each day.  


     I eat Cheerios every day for breakfast.  (each day)

     She had a migraine every day for a month.   (each day)

However,  "everyday," not "every day," is used as an adjective.  "Everyday" can also be used as a noun when it means routine or ordinary day or occasion. 


     Biting his fingernails was an everyday occurrence. (adjective)

     We use linen napkins at dinner when company is invited; otherwise, we use paper napkins for everyday. (noun meaning an ordinary day)

I hope the blog above helps my fellow writers understand the everyday use of  "every day" and "everyday" every day they use it.