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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here's Your Sign!

Here's your sign!  I always pay attention to signs as I drive.  This morning as I drove along one of the main thoroughfares in town, I saw the following sign posted outside a well-known local business:  "We start fresh everyday."  Is this sign grammatically correct?

If you answered "yes," you're incorrect.  The sign should say, "We start fresh every day."

"Every day" means each day.  


     I eat Cheerios every day for breakfast.  (each day)

     She had a migraine every day for a month.   (each day)

However,  "everyday," not "every day," is used as an adjective.  "Everyday" can also be used as a noun when it means routine or ordinary day or occasion. 


     Biting his fingernails was an everyday occurrence. (adjective)

     We use linen napkins at dinner when company is invited; otherwise, we use paper napkins for everyday. (noun meaning an ordinary day)

I hope the blog above helps my fellow writers understand the everyday use of  "every day" and "everyday" every day they use it.


  1. Is punctuation required for the new abbreviated sentence structures (like WTF)?
    Wether adding periods, or just the Question mark at the end (for WTF), has anything been written yet?

  2. Most people use a question mark after "WTF" to get their point across, according to (You're also less apt to get the popular internet slang confused with other abbreviations using the same three letters, and there's a host of those.)