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Saturday, May 28, 2016

No, It Isn't All Right to Use Alright!

If you are using the word “alright” in your writing, here’s a news flash – you’re wrong!  “Alright” is not a word.  Let me explain – “alright” is nonstandard English, and should not be used in place of “all right.”

Because the words “already” and “altogether” exist, many folks erroneously think there is a word, “alright,” too.  These folks are not all right in their usage; they are all wrong.  Although “alright” has become more prominently used and often seen in print and in the workplace, once again, it is still nonstandard usage.

Please do not foster ignorance or the bastardization of our language with the inaccurate use of “alright,” or I will think you are an albatross named Al who likes to dine al fresco on al dente squid.   After all, it’s better if you’re all ears about using “all right” correctly so I don’t have to get all fired up until you’re all clear about the correct usage.

Use “all right” in your writing, all right? 

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